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Ransomware Help

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Save yourself from ransomware.

As of one year ago, ransomware was biting everyone. If a new small business gets hit, it can be put completely out of business. Hospitals that get hit can loose patients. Averaging 4,000 attacks a day, hackers hold computers for ransom (McMillan, Aug 2016).

Being prepared and thinking preventatively goes a long way to avoiding the worst outcomes. Your priorities for preparing are:

  1. Back up your files.
  2. Store your back-ups off-line.
  3. Avoid browsing the web on a work computer.
  4. Avoid phishing emails.
  5. Never pay the ransom.
  6. Take special care with cloud back-ups.
  7. Report ransomware attacks to the FBI.
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Attacks costed the economy $209 million in the first 3 months of 2016, according the U.S. Justice Department. Ransomware is costing the U.S. economy millions in direct and billions in indirect damages.

If you have a small business, please persist despite ransomware attacks. Please consider insurance. If necessary, please prepare ahead of time, and please get IT help. The FBI is typically too busy to help you directly.

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