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New Technologies for a New Cybersecurity Marketplace

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Our new technologies can unleash creative potential in cybersecurity.

At Intrepid Net Computing we do something entirely new. All our products and services are rooted in a proprietary paradigm that leverages data science and artificial intelligence. It is not traditional incident response, and it is not traditional digital forensics. We do something new.

Our proprietary paradigm is something that we do in our lab that supports your cybersecurity. If you ship us a problem computer, we analyze it with our paradigm and get you information that can help secure your network. Our paradigm is stream-lined. If you performed traditional digital forensics on this problem computer, you would spend up to a year waiting for detailed information that still does not provide a practical solution. If you performed traditional incident response, you might spend weeks wading through log files only to discover that the hackers left no traces in any log file.

harddrive overlayed with 0s and 1s in a string

Using our products and services you would be able to do incident response and digital forensics far more efficiently and more cost effectively. At Intrepid Net Computing we assume that you need useful information quickly. We facilitate your efforts towards cybersecurity by employing our proprietary technologies on your behalf.

We have confidence that you will think of creative ways to leverage our products and services. By working together, we can find the best uses for Intrepid's novel technologies in today's dynamic security environments.

Please contact us if you would like to partner with us. For more information about using our novel technologies, please see the defendIT (TM) service.

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defendIT (TM). AI-driven incident response measures derived from security incident data.

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