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Hype Versus Reality

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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In computer security, the hype of a network diagram is nothing compared to the gritty reality of its implementation.

Computer security seems like a mysterious profession. Every company has a slick web site, and none of the customers know the processes used for incident response or for digital forensics. The reality of a computer security lab is much more gritty than the research papers or the forensics reports suggest.

split panel: network diagram vs actual photo

In this image, we have a test-bed network for conducting digital forensics. The network diagram is given on the left, and the actual computers involved in the network are on the right. For anyone who has seen a data center or a parallel computer, this bare-bones network is not flashy. Nevertheless, this picture captures how the work actually looks.

two photos of parts

No computer security lab would be complete without some parts bins. Every once in a while we need to rescue a dying disk, replace a video card, or locate the right cable. This photo shows only two of the parts bins at Intrepid Net Computing. If you look carefully at the photo you can find the string of Christmas lights.

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