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by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

The people angle on computer security.

The people and politics of computer security is called cybersecurity. Computer security is the software aspects of security. To have strong cybersecurity, we need to directly confront the arms race of computer security.

Computer science theory describes the program verification problem and informs us that computer security is an arms race. In this arms race the offensive people, hackers, square off against the defensive team, cybersecurity experts.

The cybersecurity experts are on a team of defenders. The cybersecurity experts handle network administration and IT services. They are backed up by the computer security experts who handle software security.

By teamwork a small number of defenders can withstand the attacks of thousands of hackers. Once the cybersecurity people identify a vulnerability in software, the computer security people code up a patch. Once a patch is available the cybersecurity people securely update all the vulnerable computers, locking out the hackers.

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