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Artificial Intelligence in Computer Security

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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AI augments human skill and can help us with the shortage of skilled security labor.

Artificial intelligence saves jobs in computer security, rather than taking them. AIs are designed to augment already skilled professionals in cybersecurity. The pundits are predicting a severe shortage of cybersecurity professionals and AI can help us cover the gap.

AIs are only as good as the best human, because artificial intelligence methods are designed to mimic human skills. When we design sophisticated AI tools for computer security, they are designed to be used by very skilled people.

keyboard labled with AI augments human skill and can help us with the shortage of skilled security labor

A good business strategy for employing AI in cybersecurity is to match up very skilled cybersecurity professionals with the best in available tools. As computer scientists create new and more sophisticated AI tools for cybersecurity, professionals will learn how to use those tools to do their job faster and more effectively.

Intrepid Net Computing does research in artificial intelligence and machine learning for computer security.

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