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Nov. 18, 2022:Crock-Pot Cooking for Home Kitchens
Sep. 30, 2022:Cliques in graphs
Apr. 4, 2022:Cycles in graphs
Nov. 15, 2021:Symmetric graph algorithms
Nov. 14, 2020:A polynomial-time algorithm for graph isomorphism
Oct. 31, 2020:Red Cross Priorities (priorities, data privacy, changes to HIPAA, Video and HIPAA)
Aug. 17, 2020:Properties of network time. Precision in network time. Properties of hacks. -- together these introduce distributed learning and detecting hacking (articles: network time, precision, detecting hacking)
Oct. 8, 2019:Declaration
Sep. 3, 2019:protectIT (TM): launching an audit of data handling
Aug. 22, 2019:locateIT (TM): Are you missing a computer?
Mar. 21, 2019:Introduced StreetSmart Secure Coding to a broad audience
Feb. 28, 2019:SIAM CSE 2019 Talk titled Computer Security: The Science of the Impossible
Dec. 19, 2018:Public Service Announcement
Oct. 22, 2018:Always-On Security
Sep. 17, 2018:Impossible Problems in Computer Science
Sep. 10, 2018:What is Wrong with Cyberinsurance?
Aug. 28, 2018:PedKin Paper: Efficient computation of the kinship coefficients. (paper, open source software)
Aug. 17, 2018:Computer security is algorithmically intractable -- proofs substantiating the difficulty of computer security and article
Aug. 13, 2018:Quantum communications -- data substantiating the existance of quantum communications and article

Aug. 10, 2018:Trojan Hunter
Jun. 2018:Panther Shadow: A Linux Worm -- a digital forensics report and article
Spring 2018:Articles: Topics in Computer Security
Feb. 15, 2018:Web site re-design.
Dec. 15, 2017:buttressIT (TM): Artificial Intelligence for Network Audits
Dec. 4, 2017:defendIT (TM): Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity
Oct. 9, 2017:defendIT (TM) web portal
July, 2017:Paper: Efficient Computation of the Kinship Coefficients (manuscript in preparation)
Spring 2017: Articles: Topics in Computer Security

Nov. 30, 2016: Report: Cybersecurity in Salt Lake City
Sept. 9, 2016: Report: Cybersecurity in Boise
Jul. 12, 2016: Cyber-Securing Miami
Jul. 8, 2016: Solidarity in Mourning
Jul. 7, 2016: Report: Cybersecurity in Miami
Jul. 5, 2016: Preserving the Evidence Chain of Custody
Jun. 29, 2016: Five-Year Delays on Critical Security Upgrades
Jun. 26, 2016: Take Action: Secure our Internet
Jun. 25, 2016: Report: Cybersecurity in Montana
Jun. 25, 2016: Security Alert Map of North America

Jun. 15, 2016: Our logo has a new look. The old logo is here.
Jun. 6, 2016: ISBRA 2016 paper Haplotype inference for pedigrees with few recombinations
Jun. 4, 2016: Security tips for living in South Florida and mobile security.
Jun. 4, 2016: Audit, surprise audits, and clean-up services are on offer.
Mar. 15, 2016 This paper accepted to ISBRA 2016: Haplotype inference for pedigrees with few recombinations
Feb. 26, 2016 Full Paper: Non-identifiable pedigrees and a Bayesian solution
Feb. 25, 2016 Preprint: Correcting for cryptic relatedness in genome-wide association studies
Feb. 15, 2016 Preprints: Fast computation of the kinship coefficients and Haplotype inference for pedigrees with few recombinations
Feb. 6, 2016: PedKin, an open source program for computing the kinship coefficients of a pedigree
Feb. 3, 2016: How to Identify Hacking: discover if you have been a victim
Jan. 20, 2016: Client-only resources for paying customers to keep up-to-date with the latest security advice, computing equipment, travel warnings, and security alert levels.
Jan. 9, 2016: Product lines: lease hardened devices, purchase hardened devices, or get a travel kit to harden your devices.
Jan. 5, 2016: Open letter to genetics researchers
Dec. 27, 2015: Whitepaper: Hacking as an anathema to computer science
Dec. 19, 2015: Several whitepapers: Trojan detection, Encouraging vulnerability bounties, Patching buffer over-runs using compilers (available in defendIT (TM))

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