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Discover how safe your network is without endangering it.

buttressIT TM : Stealth Network Audit

  • Prepare minimally: no network diagram necessary

  • Scale the cost of the audit to your budget

  • Determine when your DNS is hacked

  • Examine a network of any size

  • Locate hacked servers

Audits conducted using data science scale far better than an audit based on penetration testing. We can audit states, cities, business districts, and corporate networks.

Surprise cybersecurity audits are necessary in cases where you suspect there are active local hackers. You may suspect that an employee has launched an attack from your network, or you suspect that a business partner will engage in covering-up evidence of hacking. Perhaps you just want to find out if your security teams are wearing their game face. In all these cases, your best option is a surprise audit.

A surprise network security audit is one where the auditor comes to your network blind. You give them access to your organization's LAN and WiFi, just like you would with any new employee. The auditor's job is to check your network and systems for obvious signs of hacking. Auditors can more easily track rogue computers when their operators are unaware that they are being tracked. When this type of audit is performed successfully, even your IT may be unaware that there has been an audit.

buttressIT: Artificial Intelligence for Network Audits

Once the auditor has collected the most obvious evidence of hacking, it may be appropriate to continue the audit as a standard audit with the cooperation of your IT people. This more extensive audit would do a full inventory of your computing infrastructure and its security.

If any rogue computers were identified in the surprise audit, your IT people can help with tracking down the rogue computer and hacker. This surprise audit with is one of the best ways to rid your organization of hackers.

Contact Intrepid Net Computing for a customized audit plan. We do not peform penetration testing during our audits.

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While freedom from hacking cannot be guaranteed, we provide you with customized security that lives up to our intrepid standards (please see the FAQ for details).

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