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Audit your data handling from entry to recovery.

protectIT TM : Data Protection Audit

  • Third-party data protection is stronger than in-house

  • Out-source your data protection officer to us

  • Get the opinion of the experts

  • Examine a network of any size

  • Protect your data

At Intrepid Net Computing, we use data science to conduct an audit of your data handling. We can audit your company, or your business district, or your city. We collect data for a statistical study of your computer network, and we perform an analysis that helps you see the activity on your network.

Qualified with the results of our audit, you can save money, protect your data, and escape the notice of persistent hackers.

Our audits scale with your business needs and budget. We will work for quality control on our data collection and results.

Contact Intrepid Net Computing for a customized audit plan. We do not perform penetration testing during our audits.


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While freedom from hacking cannot be guaranteed, we provide you with customized security that lives up to our intrepid standards (please see the FAQ for details).

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