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Our answer to the penetration test; discover how safe your network is.

buttressIT : Network Audit

Security audits are the gold-standard by which organizations implement preventative security measures. We use a statistical methodology that can scale with your budget and business needs. We collect data for a cohort study on your computer network and perform an analysis to locate hacked machines. We can do this at a fraction of the cost and time that it takes your busy systems administrator to manually look for signs of hacking.

Armed with our audit results you can detect potential problems, prioritize infrastructure updates, improve the efficiency of your security teams. You can end up with a map of your network, with out having to hunt down every machine and IP address. If you have been compromised, we will help you locate the hacker-controlled computers that you need to send off for forensics investigation.

buttressIT: Artificial Intelligence for Network Audits

Our audits scale with your business needs and budget. We will personally ensure quality control on our data collection and results, and we employ a method that cannot be hacked.

Contact Intrepid Net Computing for a customized audit plan. We do not perform penetration testing during our audits.

buttressIT Examples

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While freedom from hacking cannot be guaranteed, we provide you with customized security that lives up to our intrepid standards (please see the FAQ for details).

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