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Options for Surviving Critical Zero-Day Exploits

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Hackers use our security documentation to exploit us before patches are available.

There is a critical window between the announcement of a vulnerability and its patch becoming available. Hackers freely exploit a vulnerability during this time. This time is called the critical zero-day period.

During the critical zero-days, security people explain a vulnerability in detail to each other and hackers have access to the discussions. Vulnerabilities are posted to the CVE database and are graded for how critical they are. Hackers receive a tutorial on how to exploit the critical vulnerabilities and freely do so until a patch stops them.

Patch on Jeans

If your security policies rely only on updates, then your network will be unprotected from critical zero-day exploits. You will be unprotected even if you update every computer on your network the moment a patch becomes available. A patching-only security policy is vulnerable.

There are several options for security during the critical zero-days. First, there is preventative security measures, such as those found in our defendIT (TM) support package. Second, there is incident response in the face of intrusions.

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defendIT (TM). AI-driven incident response measures derived from security incident data.

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