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Undetected Hackers

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

It is like a video game for hackers who try to remain undetected on your computer stealing data and CPU time.

Laying in wait, hacker steal data undetected; when detected they switch to causing maximum damage. Hackers quietly gain access to your computers and networks. They quietly perform network and data reconnaissance, hoping you will never detect their activity.

For hackers, it is like a video game. They search the Internet for computers they can compromise. Hoarding the computers they hacked like resources in a role-playing game, hackers want to remain undetected. The longer they are undetected, the more computers they can hoard and the more money they can make stealing information.

Cartoon: Increasing IT costs as security worsens.

Once hackers are detected, it becomes a race between the IT people and the hackers. The IT people want to contain the hacking and clean-up the network. The hackers want to hide some back-door that remains undetected, and they want to inflict maximum damage. Maximum damage means they may destroy computers and fry data.

Aside from a maximum damage goal, hackers are very quiet. As a matter of strategy, they want to remain undetected. They want to retain access, and detection means their access will be cut. So, hackers do everything they can to evade detection.

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