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Travel Security

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Travel exposes your electronics to diverse security conditions.

During travel, one's mobile devices are exposed to the most varied network environments: from some of the safest networks to some of the most hostile. You can protect your devices using some forethought, good electronic hygiene, and some follow-up measures.

Some IT departments offer travel security, before leaving and on return, for laptops. Intrepid Net Computing offers a travel kit that helps with electronic hygiene. We can also provide a list of security measures that help prevent compromise, for example, by minimizing opportunities for your smart phone or car to get hacked.

bicycle wheel with laptop labeled Travel exposes your devices to diverse security conditions
Furthermore, some CDC-like quarantine measures, if employed by the society, can slow the spread of worms. These measures can help with recovery and can forestall nation-state hacking. Hackers often depend on mobile computing as a vector for transmitting their exploits.

Intrepid Net Computing is expert in detecting the presence of transmittable exploits. We constantly update our travel security measures to keep pace with new network environments and with newly released exploits.

defendIT (TM). AI-driven security measures derived from security incident data.

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