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StreetSmart Secure Coding

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Write secure programs using the StreetSmart software engineering paradigm.

Writing secure programs is one of the best ways to stop hackers in their tracks. Since securing code is tantamount to solving the halting problem (explanation), it is better to write good, secure code from the beginning. Writing secure code requires good software engineering skills. To achieve this, we introduce the StreetSmart secure-coding paradigm.

Implementing the StreetSmart secure-coding software engineering paradigm is similar to implementing Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Pair-Programming, etc. It takes strategy, organization, and training. Your development strategy needs to be adjusted to accommodate the StreetSmart approach. Your management needs to understand that the extra time spent using StreetSmart will save your customers from data breach and from months of effort at forensics analysis. The way to achieve this is to train your people in StreetSmart!

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StreetSmart is a new software engineering paradigm that emphasizes writing secure code. We can help you write secure code from the ground-up, or we can help you re-factor your existing code to be more secure. By implementing StreetSmart, you can save your software from being hacked, you can prevent data breach, and prevent fraud.

Save your company's reputation and write secure code using StreetSmart.

Please contact us at Intrepid Net Computing if you would like training in the StreetSmart Secure Coding Paradigm.

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