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Cybersecurity as a Service

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Cybersecurity is a service, instead of software or hardware.

Are you and your team constantly working to secure your systems against new hacks? If not, you will want to work with a cybersecurity firm that provides security as a service.

Some people sell a piece of hardware or a computer program as "security." Such a purchase can only keep your network safe until the next new hack comes out. Even AI approaches to detection require constant human supervision.

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Alan Turing's and Alonzo Church's thesis about computability, done in 1936, proves that security can only be consistently delivered as a service. They formalized the notion of what can be computed by a computer algorithm. It turns out that some problems are undecidable (or not computable), for example, program verification. This means there is no computer program that can verify the correct implementation of another computer program. We take this to mean that no algorithm can guarantee security.

Cybersecurity is mathematically guaranteed to be a service---a service delivered by skilled professionals. If someone sold you a supposedly bullet-proof piece of software or hardware, it is time to take a hard look at your security plan.

Intrepid Net Computing's defendIT (TM) package provides IT people with the tools they need to implement incident response with support from our cybersecurity researchers.

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defendIT (TM). AI-driven incident response measures derived from security incident data.

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