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Out-Sourcing Cybersecurity

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Essential aspects of cybersecurity must be done in-house.

Incident response cannot be out-sourced, it must be done in-house. While leadership can bring in an outside team to lead the incident response, on-site people do the bulk of the work. Occasionally computers can be sent away for detailed digital forensics, but cyberdefense must be done with physical access to the computers and network that are under cyberattack.

Your network cannot be shipped in its entirety to a forensics lab. So most of your response to cyberattack is on-site incident response---the somewhat cursory and limited investigation required to clean the hackers off your network. Sometimes the intrusion response team sends a computer or router away for detailed forensics analysis. Digital forensics of a small number of computers is the only part that can be successfully outsourced.

ethernet cable connector labeled Essential aspects of cybersecurity must be done in-house

Incident response must be done in cooperation with local IT people. Successful defense against cyberattack requires detailed knowledge your network infrastructure and computer system configuration. Local IT teams need to cultivate cybersecurity skills and be prepared to respond to intrusions.

Intrepid Net Computing's defendIT (TM) package provides IT people with the tools they need to implement incident response with support from our cybersecurity researchers.

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defendIT (TM). AI-driven security measures derived from security incident data.

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