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Mac OS X Security

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Mac has captured market share and come under attack.

As Apple has captured market share with its operating system, it has come increasingly under attack. There have been several recent and notable exploits, a BIOS exploit and a privilege escalation exploit.

Hacking is an economy. Hacker's hack where the money is and where the data is. As Mac OS has captured market share, the hackers have followed. With more businesses using Mac OS X, there is more hacking of OS X.

cartoon: laptops with label Mac OS X
The notable exploits of OS X published recently are a BIOS attack and a root access exploit. While many users may not have noticed, these are very serious exploits. They were found, because OS X is increasingly targeted by hackers.

Staying secure with OS X is no different than keeping Linux secure. Secure your infrastructure. Secure your operating system.

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