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Insecure Open Source

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Open source is becoming synonymous with unsupported.

Love/hate, that is how most people view open source. Open source has become a necessity, but there is no single organization to hold accountable for failures. Ten years ago, open source was considered the gold standard in security. Now, it is considered unsupported.

The infrastructure of the Internet is run on open source. The routers and the servers run Linux and BSD. Fixing security vulnerabilities requires a delicate collaboration between IT and open source developers. This delicate collaboration is breaking down.

a network diagram

Many business people are using open source while not paying into the cost of development. These people have seen open source as a ''free'' way to set up their infrastructure where they only pay their own IT people. This leaves open source under-supported.

An antagonism has been developing where IT people are held responsible by the business community for stopping hackers. The open source developers are not seen to be held accountable for insecurities in their software. IT people increasingly view open source as insecure and unsupported.

Secure open source. Secure your network.

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