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Managing Technology: Network Configurations

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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For technology to be an enabler, security must come first.

Technology can be a business enabler, if it is managed well. In order to manage technology, security must come first. This way, you know that the authorized users are the ones using the technology, and you can track errors and fix problems. If hackers are using the systems, it is impossible to track errors or provide reliability. Managing technology means putting security first.

Suppose you have a network of 10 routers and 100 end-points, some of which are clients and some are servers. You need to choose a secure configuration of your network. There are 245 ways to connect the 10 routers to each other and 10100 ways to connect the end-points to the routers. This comes out to at least 3.5 x 10113 ways to arrange your network. Some arrangments are more secure than others.

ethernet cable labeled For technology to be an enabler security must come first

In order for your network to enable your business, you need to manage your network arrangement in a way that blocks hackers. The way that you position the routers relative to each other, relative to the servers, and relative to the clients matters for your security posture. Which configurations give you more depth of security? Which ones are more risky?

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