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Mobile Security

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Mobility degrades security by exposing a device to more security environments.

Mobile security is challenging. As a mobile device travels from subnetwork to subnetwork, it encounters many security challenges. Eventually, the varied security environments will find a way to hack the device.

Imagine that each subnetwork has a probability p of hacking your mobile device. As you travel, your device joins k subnetworks. Now after traveling, the probability that your device is hacked, 1-(1-p)k, is large.

word frequency diagram with mobile computing words
Maintaining the security of a mobile device comes down to infrastructure security. The probability of a subnetwork hacking your device must be very small, indeed.

Infrastructure security requires good network and operating systems security for the routers and critical servers of a network. This means securing Linux and BSD infrastructure computers.

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