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Cyber-Securing Miami

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Hackers appear to be operating with impunity in Miami, Florida. According to an investigation conducted by Intrepid Net Computing, hackers appear to have taken over half a dozen legitimate servers, turning them into rogue servers, and using them to attack Internet users all over the city.

The investigation conducted in June uncovered these suspicious servers that are responsible for serving updates to Windows, Adobe, Red Hat, and CentOS software. Hackers may have been able to compromise these servers and the updates they serve. Since updates are automatically trusted by operating systems, this would allow hackers to gain complete access to computers that get updates from these servers. These suspicious activities may have gone unnoticed for several years.

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Intrepid Net Computing began investigating hacker activities in Miami after an employee of the company experienced several breaches to their laptop while visiting the city. The company proceeded to examine a portion of the Internet infrastructure, the domain name servers (DNS), around the Miami metro area. A number of suspicious server IP addresses were uncovered.

Dr. Brent Kirkpatrick, the security expert responsible for the investigation, released a report detailing the results of the investigation and a list of possible rogue servers. The findings analyze publicly available Internet traffic collected in the city. Although Dr. Kirkpatrick did not have access to the possible rogue servers to verify security breaches, every indication from the network traffic is that these servers are highly suspicious.

Intrepid Net Computing calls for action to secure the Internet in Miami. The company is releasing the full results of their investigation to the general public to raise awareness, educate users, and encourage security upgrades. Users are encouraged to learn how to use the Internet safely. Internet Service Providers are encouraged to monitor and update their DNS infrastructure, notify customers of DNS breaches, and expel hackers and rogue servers from their networks.

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