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Cost of Ransomware: Merck

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Merck lost roughly two hundred millions of dollars due to NotPetya.

In the June NotPetya attack, Merck was just one one company that suffered. Their third quarter sales were disrupted by $135 million and the cost to fix the damage was $175 million. Manufacturing, research and sales were disrupted during the cyberattack.

The Petya ransomware hit Merck in June. The company has been closed to discussing the impact with the public. It is possible that multiple rounds of ransomware hit Merck. The variant of Petya that was released in June, NotPetya, is what probably struck Merck.

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Some employees at Merck were told not to come into work while the company restored computers. The attack which spread rapidly across Merck's network disrupted Merck's ability to produce medicines and vaccines.

The company says the cyberattack is cleaned-up and that normal operations have been restored. The cost of this attack for Merck totals in the 200 million dollar range. The total cost of the NotPetya attack is unknown, as it hit multiple countries and many companies.

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