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Life Clean-Up

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Cleaning-up after being targeted takes commitment.

If you are a person targeted by hackers, recovering may take years. Hackers can wreck havoc by targeting you. If you consult computer security experts that take a strategic view on clean-up, your recovery will be smoother.

Suppose that you were targeted by hackers that worked their way into all your computers:

  • cell phone,
  • laptop,
  • tablet,
  • car,
  • refrigerator, and
  • smart home security system.
Furthermore, these hackers compromised all your Internet accounts:
  1. Face Book,
  2. Linked In,
  3. Instagram,
  4. Drop Box, etc.
Imagine also that your health has been impacted by the targeting and that you have been stalked or monitored physically. The effort for leading a clean-up might be beyond your health. Also, if you clean-up, account-by-account and computer-by-computer, if would take years of effort and most computers and accounts would be re-hacked instantly.

cartoon: hospital computers

A strategic clean-up plan would triage and prioritize to get you relief as fast as possible. Health, first. The first step is to address any direct challenges to your health. The second step is to neutralize the ability of hackers to follow your movements. The third step is to asses the electronic environment for clean-up.

For example, hackers may have accessed your smart air conditioning unit and degraded air quality. Or they may have followed your driving patterns to cause accidents on your typical routes. If your smart refrigerator is key to your life-style, then it would have higher priority for clean-up than your email server (or vise-versa). A strategic clean-up plan is essential.

Intrepid Net Computing is experienced at life clean-ups.

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