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Soaring IT Costs Explained

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Hackers cause IT costs to sky-rocket by breaking computers.

You lose money to IT costs. Your IT people get paid anyway. Even if they quietly fix hacking while failing to address underlying security problems. You lose more money. This is what happened to Equifax.

cartoon: increasing cost of IT as security worsens

You can detect this problem easily. If your hardware replacement rate is faster than four years and your down-time is high, then you have a problem. In general, users complain of slow hardware only once every four or five years. Most computers can have a happy lifetime of ten years as they are slowly phased into more and more retirement. Down-time is a measure of how often computers crash or otherwise go down. With good security, down-time is generally very low.

The fix: prioritize security. After security is fixed, then fix genuine hardware and software problems.

If there is no security, there is no IT.

defendIT (TM). AI-driven security measures derived from security incident data.

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