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Internet Service Providers

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Internet Service Providers are crucial to computer security.

Internet Service Providers are responsible for most of the Internet infrastructure in our country. They deliver most of the data packets to their destinations. It is crucial that these companies maintain their systems and take a posture oriented towards rapid response to hacking.

The easiest way to have computer security is to maintain the infrastructure and stay ahead of problems. This means applying updates and doing upgrades. For example, all the DNS servers should be upgraded to DNSSEC.

Cartoon: worm with computers
However, there will occasionally be hacking that breaks through despite maintenance efforts. In these cases, IT crews need to commit focused effort to the problem areas until they are fixed. Tenacious hackers will aim to maintain their access until IT crew finish their efforts. If the hacker's access out-lasts the IT crews clean-up effort, the hacker won the exchange.

In cases where there is break-through hacking, it is very difficult or impossible to clean it up with updates only. The reason is that updates address only some vulnerabilities, often after they are exploited, and probably will not fix all the vulnerabilities that were used to compromise your network. Clean-up also needs to involve improvements to network defenses and OS clean-up.

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