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Graph Isomorphism PSA

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Announcing the existance of a polynomial-time algorithm for graph isomorphism.

I am pleased to announce the discovery of an algorithm from the space of all possible algorithms which quickly solves the problem known as graph isomorphism. I am pleased to be involved in such discoveries during much little noticed career.

I am pleased to recall that my advisor of theroetic proportions is Richard Karp, the much renouned and little discussed giant of the field. I am pleased to recall my co-advisor and many-time collaborator is Eran Halperin who oversighted the early stages of such discoveries. Thank you.


This image is a representative of graph symmetries. The needles on the evergreen overlap to form a graph of lines in the photograph. This photography has line discovery properties that resemble graph isomorphism. Thank you.

B. Kirkpatrick. A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism. 2016. (pdf)

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