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Disclosing Cyberattacks

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Responsible disclosure means publishing cyberattacks.

Disclosing cyberattacks is crucial to their prevention. Last year, Uber paid hackers $100,000 USD to hush a cyberattack. They failed to warn society about a dangerous crime that could be repeated.

In October 2016, Uber was hacked and 57 million sensitive records stolen. Uber's former CEO was informed. Joe Sullivan, the former head of cybersecuity, lead the response and paid-off hackers with $100,000. This is irresponsible disclosure.

cartoon: gavel declaring a computer guilty of hacking

In the United States, citizens are required to report knowledge of a crime. Disclosure of cyberattacks in the public record is required. Furthermore, investigation of one cyberattack can prevent the same hacks from working on other victims.

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