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Design Security

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Designing secure software.

The design of a software system can be exploited. We design secure systems with trial and error that involves re-design when major weaknesses are discovered. Security must be designed in from the ground up.

While designing security in, it is helpful to think deviously, like an adversary. It helps if the system has had previous adversaries, because their activities point you directly to the design flaws.

horse outline labeled Trojan
For each design flaw, it is important to redesign in a way that addresses the current exploit while maintaining the security features of previous designs. This can be difficult, as a re-design might result in a new design flaw.

Knowing the security history of your system is useful for preventing the introduction of new design flaws. Testing the design with several engineers who think deviously is crucial. Use of advanced algorithms or artificial intelligence may be required to solve some design flaws.

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