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Design Exploits

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Security professionals must prevent design vulnerabilities from being exploited.

Strong computer security will defend against design exploits. Much of the computer security (i.e., code reviews, patches, etc.) is aimed at bolstering implementation weaknesses that hackers have exploited. A fundamental and overlooked weakness in most security plans is design vulnerabilities.

There are several examples of design exploits. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are design exploits, because they aim to overwhelm a message queue and crash a server. DNS poisoning is another example, because it often exploits the caching properties of DNS servers. Spoofing of various types provide other examples.

Cartoon: computer with a hacker and a magnifying glass
Computer systems experts can create solutions for design exploits. These people work in concert with algorithms experts to redesign critical systems with fewer vulnerabilities. For example, DNS was redesigned over the last fifteen years to produce DNSSEC.

Only after computer security experts address design exploits are they able to provide their clients with security. When design exploits go unaddressed clients may experience unexplained, pernicious hacking.

Intrepid Net Computing provides strong security by drawing on expertise in algorithms and systems.

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