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Computer Security

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

All the elements that go into securing software.

Computer security is the problem of securing computer software. This includes secure programming practices, permissions systems, and fixing flawed designs.

Some software is exploited because of flawed implementations and errors in programming. Preventing this is called software security. By conducting code reviews, by testing code carefully, and by fixing implementation errors, software can be secured.

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Permissions systems and other operating systems security devices are crucial to operating system security. These systems are designed into the operating system and help prevent users from accessing data that should not be available to them.

Often over looked, design flaws can exist despite impeccable programming and flawless operating systems security. Flaws in networking design allow DDoS attacks and flaws in DNS allow DNS poisoning. These design flaws are exploited regardless of the quality of programming that goes into the servers.

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