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Why Clean-up Hacking?

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Clean-up removes all foreign machine code and blocks re-infection.

Hacking is defined as unauthorized access to computers. Clean-up removes all the hackers' tools for access. To gain access, hackers usually install some foreign machine code on the hard-drive of a computer. Clean-up removes foreign machine code and blocks re-access or re-infection.

Hacker's do not always install machine code on the hard-drive of a computer while gaining access. Sometimes they gain run-time access, without installing anything. Clean-up also involves removing this type of unauthorized access.

Digital forensics is one way to proceed with clean-up. Administrators can wait until it is easy to find digital evidence of hacker's activities before they work to limit hackers' access. Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of hacking that is not detectable with standard digital forensics methods.

Detection typically drives clean-up. Detection is lite digital forensics. These methods look for strange activities on a computer. When a detection method decides there is sufficient strangeness, then administrators start clean-up procedures.

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