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Checkbox Security

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Checkbox security is a way of doing IT that fails to predict or respond to new security challenges.

Doing security by checking boxes neither anticipates new security challenges nor does it provide any remediation. Popular IT check-lists are simply a place to begin. They do not provide adaptive security. They do not provide cyber-resilience.

Perhaps you have heard of these checklist security methods, such as the best practices for HIPAA or the PCI-DSS checklist. One problem with these lists is they assume that all businesses have the same budgets and the same access to technology. Another problem is that following the checklist does not restore cybersecurity after a hack takes place.

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If your current cybersecurity plan is a checklist, please consider new strategies. Some people advocate for the NIST method of detection and reaction to security challenges. Please make sure that you have a strategy beyond just a checklist.

Save your company's reputation and security by preparing a strategy and knowing how you will address intrusions. Being prepared ahead of time will make all the difference.

Please contact us at Intrepid Net Computing if you would like training in Incident Response or you would like to discuss your strategy.

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