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Cybersecurity . . . Why should I worry?

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Like a heat sink for your processor, cybersecurity is a big deal for your identity.

Is the cybersecurity discussion so geeky that you decided not to worry? You do not notice too many problems, so you let the IT people and computer scientists do the worrying? You don't know what to do anyway, why worry?

You should worry, because your identity is threatened and because you can do something to improve your cybersecurity. You probably remember that Equifax was hacked, and along with it 1 out every 2 Americans lost their credit histories to hackers. Some lost more. Computers and phones are getting hacked every day, prevent yours from being next.

Like a heat sink for your processor, cybersecurity is a big deal for your identity

Restart your computer and phone every couple of days. Most people do not realize that this simple action will stop hackers who have breached a system but have not gained privilege. At least restart your computer once a week.

Reset your phone. Your phone has a fancy reset option. (So does your router.) Use it. Resetting your phone stops hackers who may have gained privilege but who have not jail-broken your phone. Similarly with the routers.

You can strategically improve your cybersecurity and protect your identity.

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