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Network Audits

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Network audits are necessary for public companies.

Cybersecurity network audits are manual affairs conducted by consultants. They are requisite in some cases. If a company is publicly held, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) is the legislation that mandates audits. An audit consists of assessing cybersecurity preparedness.

A network audit does not asses security. Instead it assesses pre-requisites for security. All the same, it is possible for a well-conducted audit to discover security breaches.

Network audits are necessary for public companies

Penetration testing, the act of trying to hack your own network, is not necessary during an audit. Although some cybersecurity professionals make penetration testing a lynch-pin in their methodology. It is safer not to conduct penetration testing (pen-testing) during an audit. Pen-testing tool-kits might introduce new vulnerabilities or themselves be compromised.

An audit may result in recommended repairs or upgrades. In this case, the audit would uncover crucial vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. After an audit and follow-up, your network should be more secure and more prepared to resist hackers.

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