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Securing Applications

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Secure infrastructure, sandboxing, access permissions, and resource allocation help contain insecure applications.

Hackers target insecure applications. With a little foresight, an IT team can properly sandbox insecure applications, limit their communications, and contain the damage they can do.

Securing the network infrastructure is a necessary first step. This is done by using secure routers and servers in your infrastructure.

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Securing the operating system is the second step. An insecure application needs its own user with very restricted permissions. The communications should be limited, with very tight firewall settings for that user and application. Additionally, by restricting and monitoring resource usage (memory, disk, and network), the application is further sandboxed.

These two steps contain the damage that applications can do. While the application may still become compromised, the hackers who obtain access will be limited to the sandbox.

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