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Always-On Security

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Business needs often require that your systems are always-on, and security challenges need to be addressed using continuous delivery.

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The income for your business may be directly related to your company's ability to continuously deliver a digital service. Your IT may have orchestrated a computer network that is always-on and that load balances to provide continuous delivery. In this environment, when there is a security challenge, it is best if the security measures can be taken while continuing to deliver your service.

When addressing a security challenge, you may not have the luxury of taking your systems entirely off-line. Instead, you can finesse the load balancing, and you can improve the security of one server at a time.

Always-On Security

If the load balancing is to work and security is to be maintained, proper network design is crucial. Most IT people focus on building and maintaining a working network, one that delivers data packets. However, a working network is not necessarily secure. When a secure network in needed, some network designs are better than others.

Good methods and tools are required, so that your systems can continue delivering while security is improved. These tools are typically employed on-site by people with sufficient expertise. Intrepid Net Computing has tools and methods that can help.

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