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South Florida - Extreme Caution

South Florida is a hot-bed of hacking, so be more vigilant than usual. In general, do not update your computer in the metropolitan area, neither on residential nor on corporate networks. If you risk updating your computer, please make certain that the network you use is properly secured.

Secure Miami's economy and cyberinfrastructure, by contributing to grassroots efforts to upgrade security and educate users. Take action to secure Miami's computers.

Secure Internet

Do not update your computer on a public network in South Florida. Do not update your computer on a residential network in South Florida, unless it is has been carefully secured. Please make sure that you use a network with secured DNS for routine browsing on the Internet. If you do sensitive transactions, make sure your network has secured DNS, is encrypted, and is secured from local attacks. Make sure that you use https protocols to transfer sensitive data on the Internet. Do not use public terminals.

If you use a "secured" corporate network in South Florida, continue to be cautious. Watch for identity theft, fraud, and other anomalies. Look for unauthorized changes to your online profiles, for anomalies with email, and anomalies with software behavior. If any strange things happen that your IT people cannot explain as a known software bug or an action that IT took, please increase your level of caution.

Check your network for secured DNS. Push the button and wait for the green-light before you use the network. If your local Miami network does not have secured DNS, do not use it.

Check your WiFi network to see if it is encrypted and secured by a certificate authority (CA). These networks will have fewer local attacks.

Check the network to make sure that it is free of zombie computers and that it is not a watering hole. Zombie computers are computers that have been hacked and are used to attack other near-by computers. A watering whole is a network or web site that is used by hackers to gain information about computers that they want to hack. A good rule-of-thumb is that if creepy things routinely happen to your computer or to your on-line profiles when you frequent a network, then you need to stop trusting that network.

Public Networks with Secured DNS in Miami

Dadeland Mall in Dadeland
Starbucks in Barnes & Noble in the Sunset Mall in South Miami
Starbucks on US 1 near the University of Miami

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(buttressIT audit updated in July, 2016)

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