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Staying secure while being mobile relies on user awareness.

Security Alerts for North America

Secure mobile computing requires some cognisance of the network environments to which you connect. Our buttressIT audit method is used to create our security alerts. We use the stoplight method to indicate risk: green light, yellow light, and red light.

Rural US & Canada     moderate risk in cities     high risk in South Florida

Image Map Utah Idaho Montana North Dakota South Dakota Wyoming Florida Canada

Take Precautions

Just like you would walk with a friend after dark in a large city, you need to adjust your computer behavior in areas known to have high security risks.

Do not update your computer or do financial transactions on networks with high risk. Do not access sensitive personal information (financial, identity, and health information) on a network with high risk.

If there is a secured network near your location, please use that network for for updates or to access sensitive information.

Never email sensitive personal information, yours or someone elses.

Secured DNS

Properly secured networks will use secured DNS for their infrastructure. If you desperately need to use a network for sensitive data, please choose one that uses secured DNS.

Check your network for secured DNS. Wait for the green-light before you use the network for sensitive data.

A good rule of thumb for finding a network with secured DNS is that Starbucks is rolling out Google WiFi. Please go to your local Starbucks, check that the network name is "Google Starbucks" and run the test for secured DNS.

(buttressIT audit updated in 2016)

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