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Secure Florida's Computers

Help secure the sunshine state. Stop the cyber-free-fall of the state that results from hackers operating with impunity in Florida. Advocate for improved security of the computer infrastructure in the state.

We can reduce cybercrime, prevent fraud, and support the growth of businesses. Please continue reading to find ways you can help.

Intrepid Net Computing uncovered several critical security vulnerabilities while conducting a buttressIT audit of the Internet in Miami. are available: Cybersecurity in Miami. Please help correct these vulnerabilities by taking one of the actions listed next.


  • As a user, learn how to be safe on today's Internet. You can install DNSSEC locally, coax your ISP into installing it, or locate existing secured service installations. As a last ditch resort, please block the IP addresses listed below.

  • As a consumer, call your ISP and ask them to update their DNS technology to the latest generation: DNSSEC. Keep calling, until the DNSSEC test yields a green-light on your Internet connection (instructions).

  • As a business, insist that your ISP's business service provide security upgrades on your local subnetwork. They should provide the DNSSEC technology (check for DNSSEC on your network).

  • As an IT department, learn and employ the latest security measures. Advocate for priority upgrades of the technologies that involve the greatest risk. Learn the risks and update your education by consulting with computer security firms.

  • If you are a computer professional near Miami, please collaborate with us on fixing some servers. These servers are very likely either zombie servers taken over by hackers or are operated by hackers.
    Please check whether your IP address is in the subnetwork:
    Please check whether you or your company is responsible for the maintenance of the following servers:

For more results of the buttressIT audit, see Cybersecurity in Miami.

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